Videos Sinking Car Get Out First

What to do when a car is sinking with people inside? The first video is a news report. The second is what we call a 'scripted actual 911 call'.

In the news call it appears this call taker seems to be burned out or poorly trained and may not think this caller is in that much danger. You will learn more about 'liability and lawsuits'' in Unit 8. The 'scripted' call as well you can add to your comments what you feel was happening in this call for group discussion.

This lesson will save a life should you ever take this type of call. RE WRITE the calls for the person in the car or to act out each of these scenarios on your simulator. Remember you will be the calm voice that will lead the caller to safety if you can.

  • Have everyone release their seat belts and unlock the doors.
  • [Open a window, and if a window can’t be opened] Move into the backseat, where you need to try to break a rear side window.
  • Electric windows normally should work for 30–60 seconds, Giesbrecht said.
  • Starting with the oldest child, help them undo their seat belts and have them get out through the open window. Push all the children out ahead of you.
  • Get out of the vehicle now and swim to the nearest shore.

Because a cellphone will likely stop working, the emergency dispatcher must give certain instructions early, DO NOT WASTE TIME WITH THE VEHICLE LOCATION. NEXT, prior to losing contact with the caller, prepare them as much as possible for the escape attempt.

If, for some reason, the caller hesitates or the the connection is fading, the ED should warn the caller that water will continue to rise to a point where the caller must take a final breath and get out as quickly as possible. Once water fills the car, the pressure will be equalized, and the door can be opened. But to do this, it takes an expert at holding his or her breath in an extremely stressful situation