Skill Exercise Funny 911 Calls

This exercise demonstrates the ‘cadence’ or rhythm of a call taker with various types of callers. The call taker is an actual 9-1-1 call taker, the callers are a comedian using different voices. We want you to listen to the call taker and notice her voice inflection, her questions to get a better idea of how you should sound on the calls. You can see how she is working to get as much information as she can to dispatch to the responders. It would be a good exercise to write down all the FACTS in each call as well as what is happening in a brief narrative that would be told to the responders. What is the relationship of the caller to the call; victim, witness? What is happening; in progress or prior? How long ago? What descriptions will you need to take in order to dispatch them out? After a few calls you will see there is a 'method' of getting information from the caller. There is also a 'demeanor' of the call taker - what is it?

Remember to be able to type in a form pdf you must open with Adobe READER. Open the pdf then start the audio. Add your comments and save your work for your instructor.

Say What Student.pdf