Be A 9-1-1 Hero? 6 Min

Welcome to 9-1-1 as a great career choice. The 10 units of study you will go through here - along with Job Search and your simulation lab - will prepare you for this career. The most important part of your learning is the 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Manual. This hardcopy 300 page textbook offers your core foundation of knowledge that will prepare you for any type of communications job you may want to enter. This textbook has been used in training courses for police academies, fire academies and in Comm Centers for entry level learning. The text must be read in depth to be able to pass your NECC Certification. The ten units of videos, reading and skills exercises bring the information in the book 'alive' and interesting. Read first - then allow the material to enhance your understanding of what you have read.

Having the 911 NECC Certification will be an asset to you no matter where you apply for work after you graduate. We have had students get intriguing jobs at 'life flight', parks, FBI, fish and game, hospitals, alarm companies, police agencies and search and rescue - in addition to 9-1-1! Be curious and take any opportunity to tour and ride along or sit along at agencies. We are all proud to be associated with our true 1st First Responders - 9-1-1!!!