Video Way To Go Sister Shot

Sister Shot

In this Way To Go 911 video you will hear a former college student on one of her first calls. Her trainer is sitting behind her. She did a great job because she trained on a simulator.  There were things that could have been done better - referenced in the last part of the video. Make your own notes and questions while listening to the call.

In a study of Crisis Intervention in Unit 9 you will learn that this caller was in crisis and had many losses in his life leading to the actions he took. Count up the losses he faced and the decision he made because of that crisis. Its a hard video to watch however the fact that the call taker is a trainee and that although her call was not perfect there were many important skills she was using that she learned in her 9-1-1 course at school. We do require that you add comments after listening to any of the actual calls in this course.