Why 9-1-1 Is An Awesome Career Choice

In this unit, you will learn the history and current state of 9-1-1 emergency communications as a career.

Complete the Learning Activities

Many people are hired at 9-1-1 not prepared for the actual nature of 911 work, duties, atmosphere, benefits and challenges. This unit will prepare you for this highly rewarding career of Emergency Communications. Take the time to consider what type of 9-1-1 agency fits your needs by exploring this chapter. You will watch the video from Austin Texas to explore a large agency. Way to Go, Sister Shot is a great example of a student taking one of her first calls.  The video lays out why we feel that the call was handled well. There were some things that could have been better too.   Next fill out the Self Survey, an actual job questionnaire used by 9-1-1 agencies. Finally your quiz in this unit is also a T/F that prepares you for what type of questions you will be answering in your job interview at 9-1-1.


Austin 9-1-1 Video 6 Minutes

In this video you will be able to experience a very large 9-1-1 agency. You will hear from those who chose 9-1-1 as their life work.