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Sue Pivetta, Author
Sue Pivetta, Author

Sue Pivetta led a coalition of 9-1-1 professional educators towards the goal of creating an engaging, comprehensive and complete study for the work of Emergency Communications. Sue is an author, public speaker and consultant for the 9-1-1 industry. Her leadership and the expert guidance from the coalition delivered an excellent program to be proud of. This team had a vision that the career of 9-1-1 could be available to anyone who felt called to the work. Our team also wanted the training to be compelling and current to the latest news and technology available.

Sue is the President of 911 Professional Pride, Inc of WA state. Her teams' mission is to ensure that everything students are offered for learning is current, relevant and vital for students to be the very best candidate. We support our amazing teachers to have a seamless online teaching experience. Teachers and Administrators can be confident that we are there for them 110%. Sue can be contacted at [email protected] Her websites are listed below.



About this course. This course is for High School CTE and Vocational College Career Courses to purchase and offer to their students**. In this course your teachers will guide you through 10 units of study and The Emergency Communications Manual text. Next you can achieve your National Emergency Communications Certification by taking our online exam. This exam requires a SKILLS test to be taken on a simulator - three calls; police, fire and EMS two at the same time. Show off your skills be recording your calls and take your full portfolio to apply at your local 9-1-1 center or many other related jobs; ambulance, alarm company, parks departments, government dispatch such as FBI, secret service, Capitol Police - the field is large and hiring! This course is your grads great future.

** See the PUBLIC Online Course for individuals wishing to enter into the best career in the world - 9-1-1.

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