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Sue Pivetta
Sue Pivetta

WELCOME! 9-1-1 Is a GREAT career and this online interactive course for police, fire and EMD Emergency Communications is your complete turnkey online 9-1-1 (10) unit career curriculum..

As you can see below, each of the 10 units provides unique, interactive and engaging teaching tools such as; self surveys, 911 eBooks, scripted actual 911 calls, call taking and radio dispatch skillbuilding exercises, stress management games and exercises. Unit quizzes lead to a final online NECC Certification exam with immediate certification and one retake. NECC is the only 911 certification to require a skills exam proctored by the instructor.

A skills lab component is included in this course whereby students work with a phone and radio simulator to learn the skills of emergency call taking and radio dispatch.

COVID update. In the event students cannot attend simulation at the school, we have provided 'skills' games and exercises that suffice for the NECC Skills Certification requirement, along with the online 123 question exam.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the course?
$129 Per Seat. Textbooks are $84.95 and can be ordered at
Where do I find full information about the NECC Certification exam
Here you can find out about your state requirements and who is hiring for 9-1-1 in your state.
Where did this course come from?
An advisory board of 9-1-1 professional educators created this curriculum using a DACUM process at Renton Technical College. The textbook was written by Sue Pivetta who was the teacher of the 500 hour vocational education course and a former Comm Center Supervisor.
How long is the course?
The length of the course is determined by the school, college or Comm Center. The only requirement is that all 10 units of study are covered in the course leading to the final online exam NECC.
Can individual learners sign up for this course?
YES - if the individual is interested in a self paced course and certification without an instructor. The required 9-1-1 Emergency Communicattions Manual is $84.95 ordered at Individuals can enroll by contacting [email protected]